Imagination is the beginning of creation

About CreArte Studio

Your one-stop shop to increase your business’ online presence.

We create:

  • Your (re-) brand,
  • Your website
  • Your online marketing strategy
  • Your business processes such as: task management, team-work, invoicing, automations using advanced tools such as Notion, Zapier and other software tools.

Nice to meet you, my name is Natalie Tempelers.


Since 2013 I’ve been active as an entrepreneur. I started with graphic design, then learned how to make websites. From then on I’ve been on a non-stop learning curve because the technologies evolve very fast. Next was search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media.

I took courses on and learned about:

• Webdesign: WordPress, WooCommerce, Adobe XD, Figma
• Graphic programs: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva

Google: Business, Analytics, Search Console, Lookerstudio, …
Artificial Intelligence tools
Automatisation and planning tools such as: Notion, Zapier, several social media planning tools
Accounting programs
Emailing and emailing tools
• Photography (creative direction, modeling and making photos)
• Productivity
• Online courses
• Online advertising
• …

Back in the days I studied Administration and Languages in high-school. Then I got a bachelors degree on Hotel Business Management and a masters degree on Tourism Sciences.

Originally from Antwerp in Belgium, I now reside in Palma, the capital city of a little gem in the Mediterranean sea: Mallorca. I’ve built up the business of my dreams: it’s location independent and my great team adds even more value to all my experience, knowledge and skills. I speak Dutch (mother tongue), English, Spanish, French and German.


Passion & creativity

A passion for beautiful and clean design, an extensive knowledge of everything online marketing, webdesign, graphic design and a lot of creativity, make the perfect cocktail for unique, creative and profound work.


My team rocks!


Since a few years I’m not doing it all by myself anymore. I found amazing people and together we are a great team. My team consists of top-notch people with specialities in custom webdesign, graphic design, social media management, copywriting, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), newsletters, etc. “Together everyone achieves more” really applies to us.

The design process

A seed

Everything starts in our mind… We see something that triggers our thoughts in our surroundings, and we keep it stored. It’s like a tiny seed that’s been planted in our head. From that moment on, something has changed. During the next hours, days and weeks, this little thing will pop up regularly in your thoughts. While walking around in the city, meeting friends, reading stuff, looking around and so on, other things that could relate to that seed, will trigger your mind all the time.

The garden

Then there comes a moment, when you least expect it, while you’re chilling in the sofa, or sitting with your eyes closed by the sea, or very often right after you just woke up, suddenly you will see the complete picture: an entire garden with plants and flowers, trees, grass, playing children, animals etc… and you will feel a “Eureka!” moment! It dawns on you that the seed has grown into something big, unique and amazing.

A life changing passion

This is basically what happens when a client comes up to me with an idea. “I’m starting a business and I would like to have a nice logo and website”. My first question is usually: “what colours are you thinking of, and is there an object or idea that you already have in mind?”. When I get the answers to those questions, my mind is triggered. Because those are my seeds! From that moment on, my life has changed too. I will continue my life, with those thoughts in my mind. I will be daily triggered throughout the things I do in my life and after a while I will come at that point where I design the garden in my head, which eventually will be created by myself. That is my imagination that turns into a unique creation.

… And so our slogan “Imagination is the beginning of creation” was being created.

We would love to hear about your ideas and create them together!

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