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A strong online presence is so important

Would you like your company to be found everywhere online?

Online marketing Mallorca

Online marketing is the presence and visibility online. Without a website, an Instagram page or a Tik Tok account, your company seems not to exist. Without a good mailing list, you can’t convert leads into customers. We help you with creating a strategy, a strong and beautiful branding and great content that tells the story of your company and adresses your target audience.

We offer the following marketing services to improve your online visibility:

Marketing consultancy

We create the ‘The Online Marketing Framework’, which consists of a marketing plan and execution strategy.


Because a good database and effective mailing is indispensable to get sales.

social media strategy

How to be present on all channels in a professional and consistent way.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Be found organically by potential customers.

online adVERTISING

Adverts on Facebook/ Instagram or Google to be noticed by your target audience.


The Online Marketing Framework

What is it

The Online Marketing Framework is a business marketing plan. This is our consultancy service where we create a plan and strategy for your company. The framework we’ve developed is very detailed and the visual blueprint of your company.

What we'll do

• create the Brand Blueprint*

• create online marketing plan for 12 months

• strategy

• branding

• tips & tricks

• tools

• structure of the website


•  4 sessions of 1,5 hours live or videocall

•  creation of the Brand Blueprint

• creation visuals & templates for online media

• marketing strategy for a year

• the building stones for the creation of the website

*The Brand Blueprint

your company bible

What is it

The Brand Blueprint is a visual and concise document (PDF) which is a presentation of the entire corporate identity. Very profound and professional, the perfect guideline that everyone in the company should have at hand.

Beautifully designed document (40 pages)

• brand story

• brand colours & fonts

• customer avatar

• tone of voice for communication

• social media pillars

• etc …



Create a strong online presence

Increase and enhance your digital presence with our online marketing services in Mallorca. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience on marketing, we use our expertise to support your business. We are specialized in creating marketing strategies and marketing plans. We offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO), online advertising on Google and social media, the creation of newsletters and lead magnets to grow your database. We create social media strategies, with visuals that are in line with your company identity. All of that to help you reach your target audience and achieve your business goals. Give your online visibility a boost! We are based in Mallorca and we are here to support you on all levels.



This is what we do

  • We create opt-in fields on your website so you can collect email adresses.
  • We create beautiful templates in your brand identity for professional newsletters.
  • We create and set up lead magnets
  • We create mailing strategies
  • We set up funnels



This is what we do

  • We look at your company identity
  • We create content pillars
  • We align your social media channels’ bio’s
  • We create a colour pallette
  • We create visuals as templates in your brand identity
  • We create a strategy
  • We execute the strategy and create and plan content

    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)


    This is what we do

    • We do an audit of your website
    • We do keyword research
    • We improve the SEO on your website



      This is what we do

      • We create a strategy depending on your goal
      • We set up the Google Ad account or Facebook Business and Ad account
      • We link it with your website
      • We create a Facebook pixel in case of Facebook/Instagram ads
      • We create content for the ad
      • We create an Ad on Google or on Facebook/Instagram
      • We optimize the ad week after week

        Happy customers

        Natalie from CreArte Studio is the first (web) designer and marketeer I have encountered who:

        1. Marries webdesign with commercial thinking: I now have a good looking site that actually compels my visitors and not merely entertains them.

        2. Carries my suggestions towards changes through within a minimum of time. Businesses are living things and, as they grow, things change. These changes have to be communicated to your (potential) clients. Consequently, your website has to be a living thing. At CreArte Studio, they keep up with the communication of the changes in my business.

        3. Runs a lean – and therefore affordable – and highly professional operation. Kitchen-table webdesigners have disappointed me with their quality. Flash looking agencies have overcharged me. All I can say is that Natalie consistantly under-promises and over-delivers.

        CreArte Studio is the right choice to handle the marketing of your business.

        Jens Oomes

        CEO, Invisible Crew & The Islander Magazine

        We started working together since 2016 and it has always been a pleasant and professional relationship.

        Natalie thinks with us which leads to even better ideas and understands our perspective. Easily approachable and does what is discussed.

        We get positive feedback on our website and have learned a lot about our guests behaviour and how to anticipate on it.

        CreArte Studio is highly recommended and for sure a benefit to your company.

        Ray Vis

        Manager Operations, Luxury Apartments Delft

        We had a super good experience working with CreArte Studio! Natalie takes you on a journey and guides you all the way through it. This gives a very safe feeling and we were so happy with the results! It is exactly how we wanted it.

        She is a good listener, kind and also a solution thinker. She knows what she is doing. Absolutely loved our collab and would definitely recommend working with Natalie!

        Stephanie De Coninck

        Marketing & Sales Manager,

        Would you like to have a strong online presence and marketing strategy as well?

        Contact us!